Phil Wallace’s novel CALL OF THE SEA reveals his lifelong passion for military history. As a novelist and painter, Phil’s themes often return to the sea.

He was a guided missile battery officer at the height of the Cold War. Later, as an information officer at General Electric, Phil worked closely with scientists who developed and produced the Polaris missile fire control and guidance systems. While at GE, he created and implemented the first military training use of closed-circuit television connecting submarine crewmembers to an ultra secure “clean room” where scientists were assembling the Polaris inertial guidance system. In 1992, Phil participated in an Army War College seminar on world affairs. In addition, he is an accomplished cartoonist, who illustrated TIGER TALES, a collection of stories about the Flying Tigers in World War II.He also illustrated Betty Page's children's books IT'S NEAT TO EAT and THE CALF AND THE STARS. He painted the covers for CALL OF THE SEA and CHASING THE COBRA.

As a filmmaker, he won the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award for Majesty of America, a documentary featuring a coast-to-coast tour of the U.S. by rail. Phil’s travel documentaries ran on the Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel.

He also wrote and produced American Catholic Diary, a twentieth-century look at the Catholic Church in America. The film, sponsored by Our Sunday Visitor, debuted on the Catholic Television Network and was officially presented to Pope John Paul II in Rome.

Phil made his career on Madison Avenue. As an advertising executive, he managed national print and television campaigns for major corporations including Amtrak, Campbell Soup Company, IBM, Johnson’s Wax, Frigidaire and Procter and Gamble.

He has sailed the Long Island Sound and the New England waters, as well as the Chesapeake where critical action in the book occurs.

A former president of the Scarsdale Art Association, he painted the cover for CALL OF THE SEA.

He graduated from Fordham University and makes his home in Larchmont, New York