The Call of the Sea calls me, July 6, 2005

"Master AND Commander fans will love Call OF THE SEA for the authentic early nineteenth century seafaring details and the thundering battle scenes. I oved it for the way the characters -- merchants, sailors, historical giants, warriors and lovers -- embody their times with every breath, word, and emotion. It's a great vision of the men and women whose sweat and inspiration gave birth to the U.S. Navy nearly 200 tears ago."

Richard Hunter, Author, WORLD WITHOUT SECRETS.


"Anyone who has served in the U.S. Navy from Annapolis to the Persian Gulf will enjoy CALL OF THE SEA. IN Captian Jonathon Coyne, Wallace captures the bold spirit of the fledgling Navy as it takes on the mightiest sea power of its day."

WilliamS. Norman, Captain, Retired.

"Star-crossed lovers Jonathon Coyne and Liz Wade provide a human dimension to a time in history that saw Washington burned and Baltimore besieged. The pages flew as I followed this tale of action and romance."

Mary McGahn, Historian and Author of Raid AT RED MILL


Chasing The Cobra recreates the early 19th Century Mediterranean where Barbary pirates prowel free,seizingmerchant ships, enslaving their crews and collecting ransom.

Especially notorious is Haddim,the Indestructible, an elusive renegade known for his cunning and brutality. It took a fledgling American Navy two campaigns to secure peace in the Med, one before and one after the War of 1812. During both campaigns, Captian Jonathon Coyne is in the midst of the action. Complicating his life is the Contessa Luisa Cortolini, a sophisticate of extraordinary beayty and charm whom he meets at a reception in Siracusa. She lures him into a passionate affair, but he soon discovers that his is not the only heart she fancies. Between fierce battles at sea and duplicity in love, Coyne is tested over and over on land and sea.


Amazon Reader Reviews

Kristin O,(NY,NY)

Chasing the Cobra is a fantastic adventure story that I could not put down. it is rich with detail and great characters, chock full of historical context woven seamlessly into the storu, obviously well researche...I loved every minute. What a literary treat.

Peter J. Marcon,

This was an excellent well written book; full of suspense and action packed. Phil Wallace has blended historical fiction, romance and stories of the Barbary Pirates and the robbery that existed in the Mediterranean during the 19th century. Captian Coybe, Contesa Luisa Cortolini are all vividly brought to life in this fast moving and powerful, riveting page turner of a book.I did not want it to end!

L. Gendron(Florham Park, New Jersey)

CHASING THE COBRA was one of the most enjoyable books that I have read in years. Mr. Wallace has created a story that is fast paced and action packed from start to finish. The early American Navy, pirates, battles at sea and romanceare all combined in this story of historical events with a fictional twist. You'll feel like you are part of the battle. It has great characters that you will love...or hate. Cover to cover, this book will entertain everyone, not jus history fans. A story you will not want to miss.

Ken Adams(Palatine, IL.)


PHIL WALLACE'S sequel to his "CALL of the SEA" and the further adventures of Captain Jonathon Coyne is a real page turner. I recommend this historical sea novel to any and all adventure readers. The battle scenes are ver vivid. The author has used his sailing knowledge, U.S. Naval research andcommand of the language t recreate a fascinating-if not generally understood- era in American history- the Barbary Coast Pirate "Wars" of the early 19th century. The story covers the political and military aspects of the Wars especially the bribes and ransoms paid by the young U,S. Government to certain Mediterranean coubtries for protection and the key role played by the fledgling U.S. Navy to correct the situation. Captain Coyne and his fighting crew definitely have a place among the ranks of the great heroes (real of fictional) in the early American Navy.

Who Should Read Chasing the Cobra?

Sailor Sexton(Deerfield Beach,FL)

Wether or not you have experienced the joy of reading Mr. Wallaces first book, Call of the Sea,if you love a good story --well told--you will without a doubt enjot Chasing the Cobra. If you were in the military (especially the U.S. Navy) or if you simply love history, sailing, adventure or romance, you will especially love this book. Escape with it at the beach; read it on the plane. Your enjoyment of the summer of 2010 will rise to a whole new level.